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Get to Know Me

Dr. Ashley L. Kendrick, LCSW


Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, unmotivated, or unlike yourself? Are you feeling misunderstood by what you're experiencing? Perhaps you are even unsure of what is going on? Are you having a hard time adjusting to new transitions? In reality, the "strong one" may be falling apart from the inside, despite how we appear to have it all together from the outside. My goal is to assist you in making the right decision. Let me help you guide you through the process if you're unsure where to start!

I believe in empowering others to reach their full potential through self-awareness and healing. Helping them to discover their strengths and purpose is the driving force behind my approach. I believe that once clients discover their power, they can navigate through life without allowing anything or anyone to disturb their peace.

I have over 10 years of diverse experience working with youth, adults, and families. I obtained a Master’s degree in Social Work from Governors State University and a Doctorate in Social Work from the University of Kentucky. 

My philosophy is to meet people where they are. I achieve this by cultivating a conscious, non-judgmental, and respectful relationship with clients. During the healing process, I offer clients a safe space where they can be themselves without judgment. 

Are you ready to walk in your confidence and freedom? Book a free 15 minute consultation! Let's work!

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